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I’ve been holding onto some trinkets from a work event some time ago, in anticipation of finding a proper use for them. The other day I decided the most befitting use would be to incorporate them into an award to … Continue reading

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Casting Aluminum at Home

As a follow up to my last post about melting down scrap aluminum at home, and pouring into a goodwill found heart shaped ingot mold, I have progressed further with my first attempt at lost foam casting. Put simply, with … Continue reading

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Recycling Aluminum at Home

As part of my general desire to learn how to make and do things myself, I’ve long had an interest in being able to re-purpose metals. Metals, being an incredibly useful and versatile raw material cover a lot of ground … Continue reading

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Vancouver Visit

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Vancouver, BC for work, and got to spend a bit of time in the city and see some pretty interesting things. The hotel was very near the convention center on the water, and … Continue reading

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3D Printer

Recently a friend of mine sent me a number of parts he had laying around to get me started on building a 3D printer. The parts he sent, plus some time, and a few parts I could buy would combine … Continue reading

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