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GPS Timing Over USB

I recently posted about building this GPS receiver for use in making Stratum 1 NTP servers, and through conversation with some friends, I was interested understanding the performance difference in timing the Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) signal via the hardware serial port, … Continue reading

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Air Quality Sensor

A couple years ago I cobbled together a couple of air quality sensors to give my family and I a better idea of the state of the air in and outside our home, particularly during what seems to be becoming … Continue reading

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GPS Device for NTP Servers

I’ve made a few posts over the years about using GPS devices for precision timekeeping for NTP Stratum 1 servers, and recently the topic came up again with some colleagues to potentially build another one. My previous builds have been … Continue reading

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Growing Salt Crystals

I recently read an article about growing salt crystals and was impressed with the quality of growth they were able to achieve. It seemed like an interesting thing to try, and could add to my rocks and minerals collection. I … Continue reading

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Automatic Transfer Switch

After a recent conversation with a friend regarding some datacenter equipment that had only a single power supply, I was curious about building a simple Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that would accept two separate AC inputs, and provide a redundant … Continue reading

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