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GPSMON Output with UBlox Receivers

I’ve got a UBlox GPS module in a somewhat challenging RF environment (Indoor with no clear sky view, and potentially some other RF sources causing interference), and have been looking at what data I can gather with regards to the … Continue reading

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Simulating Full IPv4 Tables in the Lab

I’ve been doing some testing recently with different software based routers, and wanted to give them a test under real world conditions. The current full IPv4 table is larger than 900,000 routes and to get an idea of how well … Continue reading

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Growing Salt Crystals

I recently read an article about growing salt crystals and was impressed with the quality of growth they were able to achieve. It seemed like an interesting thing to try, and could add to my rocks and minerals collection. I … Continue reading

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Geiger Counter Kit

I recently saw that the MightyOhm Geiger Counter kit was on sale, and decided it would be fun to pick up as a simple, fun kit. In terms of the kit itself, it was simple to assemble, and the instructions … Continue reading

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Measuring Mains Frequency

Mains frequency in North America is specified at a frequency of 60Hz, however in reality that number varies up and down a small amount as load and generation balance on the power grid. As generation exceeds load, physically the turbines … Continue reading

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