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2017 Balloon Launch

This last weekend I went over with the class from UW and helped out with the annual high altitude balloon launch. I flew a position tracking payload, as well as a camera that got some pretty nice photos. Check out … Continue reading

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Surface Mount Stencils

I’ve been working on a project recently that calls for a pretty sizable board, with a fair number of parts on it (4″ x 10″ board size). Traditionally when I’ve assembled these boards, I’ve either used wire solder and soldered … Continue reading

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Propane Burner

While charcoal and a blower works OK for the aluminum melting projects I’ve been doing, I was getting frustrated with the mess, hassle, and cost of that setup. The charcoal created ashes that sometimes got into the aluminum and needed … Continue reading

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Fire Piston

I’ve really been enjoying watching Clickspring’s videos recently, and it encouraged me to make one of his projects as a christmas gift for my father. As someone who’s into the outdoors, I thought a fire piston would be the perfect … Continue reading

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Binary Addition Machine

A few years ago, the idea came to me to build a binary addition machine as a display piece. The logic would be constructed of SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relays, which reduces the number of relays and simplifies the … Continue reading

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