2019 Balloons Launch

This weekend we completed another successful weather balloon launch over in Moses Lake. Check out this page where I give more details and include a few photos from the flight.

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2 Responses to 2019 Balloons Launch

  1. Adrian Flores says:

    Hi Nigel, very interesting project; just wonder a conclusion, so do you thing LoRa or LoraWAN its better than APRS ?

    • Nigel VH says:

      I don’t know that I’d say “better”, but it’s definitely a good option. APRS has the advantage of a large number of listeners, even if you don’t hear/decode a given packet, someone else likely will, which is very helpful for tracking. At the same time it’s a shared resource, which means we need to be careful to limit our transmit power, frequency, and pathing to be good neighbors. It also somewhat restricts how much data we’re effectively able to get down. A few small telemetry fields beyond the standard position data are workable, large amounts of data are problematic. LoRa moves us to our own space, we can transmit as much as we want, as fast as we want, but if we don’t hear a given packet, nobody else is going to help us. Particularly in hilly/mountainous places, where line of sight could be obscured, the help APRS provides in this regard can be invaluable. If you’re in a flat area, or can potentially put a friend/colleague near the expected destination with another LoRa receiver, that could be a very useful and workable system.

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