Fire Piston

I’ve really been enjoying watching Clickspring’s videos recently, and it encouraged me to make one of his projects as a christmas gift for my father. As someone who’s into the outdoors, I thought a fire piston would be the perfect choice.

I had some aluminum round stock laying around in my (albeit small) scrap pile, and spent a few hours on the lathe shaping it into a functioning fire piston.

The fire piston is a really simple device, which uses a rod shoved into a cylinder sealed with O-rings, to suddenly compress the air inside, which will heat it up enough to ignite some material. Char cloth is commonly used.

The char cloth provides a burning ember that you can apply to your tinder and start a fire.

No matches, just the laws of physics!

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  1. Leon McIntyre says:

    Would you make one for another person

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