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Part Organizer

With all the electronics projects I do, I’ve ended up with a lot of very small spare parts that are hard to keep track of. Previous to now, I’ve kept them in a large number of small bags from the … Continue reading

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I’ve been holding onto some trinkets from a work event some time ago, in anticipation of finding a proper use for them. The other day I decided the most befitting use would be to incorporate them into an award to … Continue reading

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Homebrew GPSDO

I’ve had an older HP 10544A ovenized crystal oscillator laying around for some time now, waiting for a good project to be put to use. It’s a high precision frequency source that fell out of spec and was pulled from … Continue reading

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QRP HF Amplifier

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on building a small HF amplifier. I’d like to use it to build a standalone WSPR station that can run on its own, and transmit with a couple hundred milliwatts. I … Continue reading

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Lathe Project – Transistor Heatsinks

I’ve recently been working on a small HF amplifier project, using common TO-92 style transistors. I needed some heatsinking capability to keep the transistors at a reasonable temperature, so I whipped a couple small aluminum heatsinks up on the lathe. … Continue reading

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