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Bending Acrylic

I’ve had a large 2000VA UPS here under my desk for some time, and it uses an external battery pack. The problem is, some time ago I lost the top half of the battery pack, so the batteries and the … Continue reading

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Nest Thermostat Data Logging

I have a Nest thermostat here at the house, which we really like a lot. It’s great for keeping track of energy usage on heating, as well as being able to remotely control the settings, in addition to the insanely … Continue reading

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Secure Data Destruction

In light of my recent work with making things more secure with a truly random number generator for use in feeding the kernel entropy pool, I also thought it would be a good time to visit secure data destruction, and … Continue reading

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Random Number Generator

I’ve always been interested in the idea of truly random phenomenon, and in particular, the quantum effects like avalanche noise that one can take advantage of to generate truly random data. Note that I say truly random, as compared to … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemon Take Two

A while back I posted about getting a pretty small Meyer Lemon tree, in the hopes of not failing utterly at growing things, like I normally do. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I succeeded there… I’m not sure it was entirely … Continue reading

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