Generator Box

A little while ago I picked up a generator for use in power outages to keep things like the fridge and computer equipment going in the case of an outage that’s lasting more than a few hours.

While, one of the fancy super quiet Honda generators would be great, the cost meant that I got a more conventional generator, that’s just a bit louder. While it’s not horrendously loud, quieting it as much as possible is still a benefit.

A common means to do this is by building a sound dampening box, so that’s what I did!

I still want to add some sound foam on the inside to dampen things a bit more, but for now it’s a plywood box that gets placed over the generator, with baffles to reduce the sound output.

Placed in the back yard, with the box over it, exhaust side facing towards the laurels, the sound was reduced by a bit more than half (4dB). With additional damping, I think there’s room for improvement.

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