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I’ve recently finished up a series of videos I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel, which albeit long I think you may find interesting.

There are a bunch of projects I’ve documented on this blog, most of which show the shiny things at the end, or maybe a couple of the more interesting learning points. None of which really talks about the whole process of making the thing. Mostly because that’s a massive undertaking, even more difficult to convey in text.

I’ve heard enough folks interested in getting started, or understanding how I’m building things, or whatnot else, that I’ve created this “Making Devices” series on my YouTube channel, where I aim to document all the work that goes into a project, my thoughts behind choices, and how it all pieces together.

The series is six videos long, and covers coming up with the concept and initial requirements, selecting critical components, creating footprints for custom components, creating your schematic, laying out your PCB, sending the PCB off for manufacturing, and when it returns, soldering all the parts on it.

Originally, I had thought the videos would be fairly short, maybe four videos, 15-30 minutes each. However, this process has been somewhat eye opening to myself, in terms of actually having a timer on the process. It makes for some fairly long videos, but they cover the reality of the project.

I chose to make a Buck Regulator for this series, as it would be a relatively simple project, relatively inexpensive, but also have some interesting aspects of the design. I may do future projects in the Making Devices series, but at this point I don’t have any next ones planned out.

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