New 3D Printer Hotend

I’ve had my 3D printer for a while now, and have been fortunate in that most of the parts used in it were given to me by a friend who had spares or samples companies had sent. While it worked, and worked well in a lot of circumstances, I was fighting to try and get the quality I wanted out of prints, as well as fighting the hotend to reach and maintain a temperature for some of the higher temperature materials like ABS.

I decided that I would replace the existing hotend with a new one from E3D. Specifically, the E3D-V6.

They’re pretty highly reviewed, and relatively inexpensive, so I ordered one up, and waited for it to ship over from the UK. Once it arrived, I got to have a nice little unboxing, and got to work on getting it installed.


It took a couple evenings of work to get everything set up properly and whatnot, but pretty soon I had a new working hotend.


And here’s a neat little time lapse video using the new hotend to print the top of the case I designed in my last post.

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