Monitor Troubles

Well, for a while now one of my two monitors has had an issue where upon power up, the backlight would flicker for a short time then would run normally. However, in recent history it’s been getting worse in that the backlight would flicker for longer and longer. Until this morning, when the backlight wouldn’t turn on at all.


Obviously once you’ve got two monitors you can never go back one, so I either had to replace it or fix it. A friend of mine over at┬árecently picked up some free monitors that had a similar issue and he found they were repairable by replacing some capacitors. So,┬áI decided I’d try to fix it.

Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, I replaced the two problematic capacitors, re-assembled the monitor, powered it up and it worked!

So $3 worth of capacitors fixed my monitor, that would would have cost $200 to replace. Glad I know how to work with electronics.

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