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Black Rock 2012

Don’t think it needs too much explanation. We went to launch rockets. We did so. Got some great pictures. Here are some.

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APRS at Black Rock

Recently, I went on a trip to the Black Rock desert in Nevada with a group from the University of Washington to launch some high power amateur rockets. Seeing as though this is a thirteen hour drive from Seattle down … Continue reading

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Sunset Ferry Ride

Yesterday the girl and I decided to go for a little drive in my new car over the ferry and get some dinner. Here’s a photo I snapped on the ferry ride.

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New Car

Well, I’ve got a shiny new car. My old car was having some mechanical issues, and it was going to cost more to fix them than I was willing to put into it (more than the car is worth), and … Continue reading

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I was browsing around, and something funky happened. I assume this is a message from chrome rather than the website I visited, but thought it was a funny play on the old mac errors.

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