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Coin Teardown

Some time ago I backed a project called Coin that aimed to make a single card that could replace all of your other credit/debit cards. I thought the idea of having all my cards available without having to make room … Continue reading

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Surface Mount Toaster Oven

As part of my continued work on my Homebrew GPSDO, I’ve been working on a new circuit board design to both add new functionality, improve existing functionality, and consolidate a bunch of the parts in the last revision, onto a … Continue reading

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Black Rock 2016

Once again I was fortunate enough to be able to accompany the UW team on their yearly excursion down to the Black Rock desert in Nevada this April. My dad was also able to come along after hearing all the … Continue reading

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Some time ago I posted that I’ve been involved in a Kickstarter to create a ham radio shield for the Arduino platform. That project is called HamShield, and is now complete and the boards have been shipped to the Kickstarter … Continue reading

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Homebrew GPSDO

I’ve had an older HP 10544A ovenized crystal oscillator laying around for some time now, waiting for a good project to be put to use. It’s a high precision frequency source that fell out of spec and was pulled from … Continue reading

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