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Homebrew Weather Station

I’ve recently been playing with the Electric Imp platform of Internet of Things devices. They’re fairly inexpensive, and very easy to use, so when SparkFun recently was having a sale, I picked up their Weather Shield, and Sensors. With some … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Rust

Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, particularly along the coast, know that just about anything metal you leave outside will be rusted in very short order. The mild temperatures and moist climate tend to encourage such things. … Continue reading

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Snow and Radios

Recently some snow has come to Washington, so I took the opportunity to head up to the mountains and get out a bit. Obviously it’s an excuse to have a little fun with the Subaru. Though in actuality those tracks … Continue reading

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Nest Thermostat Data Logging

I have a Nest thermostat here at the house, which we really like a lot. It’s great for keeping track of energy usage on heating, as well as being able to remotely control the settings, in addition to the insanely … Continue reading

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Black Rock 2013

As you know, I volunteer with a couple classes at the University of Washington, helping to create telemetry systems for balloons and rockets. The rocketry class in particular generally has two endeavors to launch their rockets. One in the fall … Continue reading

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