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New POES Receiver Setup

For the last few years I have off and on run a receiver dedicated to picking up the image transmissions from NOAA’s POES series of satellites. The POES satellites are polar orbiting weather satellites that transmit image data down, and … Continue reading

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2017 Balloons Launch

This year we had a bit larger class, so two strings were flown this year, in addition to some other groups flying experimental packages. The first flight reached approximately 105,000ft in altitude, and carried carried a number of student payloads, … Continue reading

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Basic ESD Protection

A recent thunderstorm that came through the area reminded me that I needed to work on some improvements to my surge suppression systems. I have a number of outdoor ethernet devices like security cameras with rather long runs of cable … Continue reading

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Generator Box

A little while ago I picked up a generator for use in power outages to keep things like the fridge and computer equipment going in the case of an outage that’s lasting more than a few hours. While, one of … Continue reading

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Homebrew Weather Station

I’ve recently been playing with the Electric Imp platform of Internet of Things devices. They’re fairly inexpensive, and very easy to use, so when SparkFun recently was having a sale, I picked up their Weather Shield, and Sensors. With some … Continue reading

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