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Customizing a Smart Plug

Recently some projects around the house have been in need of some better ‘home automation’ than a standard timer can provide, so I went looking for a smart plug that was either ‘dumb’ enough for my liking (didn’t tie you … Continue reading

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Wired Ethernet on ESP32

I’ve used the ESP32 microcontrollers for a number of projects at this point, often using the built-in WiFi radio. However, there are use cases where WiFi may be less than ideal. In my case, I’m interested in the higher reliability … Continue reading

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GPSMON Output with UBlox Receivers

I’ve got a UBlox GPS module in a somewhat challenging RF environment (Indoor with no clear sky view, and potentially some other RF sources causing interference), and have been looking at what data I can gather with regards to the … Continue reading

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GPS Timing Over USB

I recently posted about building this GPS receiver for use in making Stratum 1 NTP servers, and through conversation with some friends, I was interested understanding the performance difference in timing the Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) signal via the hardware serial port, … Continue reading

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Air Quality Sensor

A couple years ago I cobbled together a couple of air quality sensors to give my family and I a better idea of the state of the air in and outside our home, particularly during what seems to be becoming … Continue reading

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