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ESP32 IR Controller

I have a multi-zone ductless mini-split system installed in my house, which has been a fantastic addition and does a great job with keeping the house comfortable. Though the limitation of all zones having to be in the same mode … Continue reading

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F150 Fuses

Recently I had to pull a friend’s trailer with my F150 pickup, and discovered the trailer had a wiring fault causing a short and blew a fuse on the trailer brake circuit. I popped open the hood to get to … Continue reading

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Roomba Troubleshooting

I picked up a Roomba I7 last year with the automatic emptying Clean Base, and have very much enjoyed having it take care of some light vacuuming regularly to take care of the house. In general it has worked very … Continue reading

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Cellular Webcam Revision 3

I have made another revision to my ongoing cellular webcam project to include some improvements and lessons learned from revisions 1 and 2. In addition to attempting to reduce costs a bit. Cost reductions mostly came from finding equivalent parts … Continue reading

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Rockets 2020

Well, the global pandemic precluded the usual trip down south for rocketry in the spring, but as the year went on and classes at the university started figuring out their plans for getting things done safely. Finally here in the … Continue reading

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