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HeathKit Oscilloscope

It’s finally happened. I’ve acquired an oscilloscope. Woot! This is a vintage HeathKit IO-12 Laboratory Oscilloscope. It’s not in perfect shape, but it’s not bad by any means, and the best part is that it works! There’s a bunch of … Continue reading

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LED Matrix

You’ve seen this little LED matrix on here a few times before, I’ve used it in a few projects, and have always had it on it’s own with some wires running to it. I got tired of doing that, so … Continue reading

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Nerf Dart Gun

Here at the office we have fairly regular Nerf battles, in which everyone would grab their gun, and a handful of darts and start trying to shoot each other while hiding behind our monitors. For a long time, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, busy…

Sorry about the long absence from new posts here. I’ve been pretty busy moving into the new apartment. Between that and work, I’ve had literally no time. In fact, I really still don’t have much, but it’s slowly been coming … Continue reading

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Google Voice

Some of you may be aware that Google kicks ass at everything they do. Those who don’t already know this live under a rock. Google Voice is Google’s newest addition to their formidable lineup, and I’ve got a beta account. … Continue reading

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