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A Sigh Of Relief

Well, I ended up getting to talk with my adviser this morning and we got my classes all worked out. So, I’m out of “Computers for Dummies” class and into Calculus 124. Somehow my transfer credit from Central in Pre-Calc … Continue reading

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And so begins the saga of my life. Classes begin and yet again will end once more. There is joy and sorrow to be found behind every passed door. Our goal, to life for the best. Our job, to deal … Continue reading

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Finally here…

Well, I’m here. Finally. All moved into the dorms. Here at UW. Classes start on Wednesday, and until then I have time to meet people, and do whatever I like basically. It’s a little interesting to be totally on my … Continue reading

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Back, Sorta

Well, I’m back in the general area of home. Here at my dad’s place tonight. About to get some pizza. I will be going to the house tomorrow and doing some final stuff, and then heading over to Seattle on … Continue reading

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Farmer School (a.k.a. WSU)

Well, I’m here at a buddy’s apartment presently. Kelsi and I have been staying here with him since Saturday. Really nice guy, and I am very thankful for the couch he has provided us to crash on. Things have been … Continue reading

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