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Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Mod

Many portable air conditioners are known to be problematic, and often reviled, for using a single hose to vent hot air outside. The problem with which, is that the air that gets pumped outside has to be replaced in your … Continue reading

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Laser Cutting a Paper Solder Paste Stencil

In the process of working on a PCB for another project, I ended up with a component that was harder to solder properly than I had originally expected, and had not ordered a solder paste stencil with the board. I … Continue reading

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Customizing a Smart Plug

Recently some projects around the house have been in need of some better ‘home automation’ than a standard timer can provide, so I went looking for a smart plug that was either ‘dumb’ enough for my liking (didn’t tie you … Continue reading

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GPSMON Output with UBlox Receivers

I’ve got a UBlox GPS module in a somewhat challenging RF environment (Indoor with no clear sky view, and potentially some other RF sources causing interference), and have been looking at what data I can gather with regards to the … Continue reading

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Simulating Full IPv4 Tables in the Lab

I’ve been doing some testing recently with different software based routers, and wanted to give them a test under real world conditions. The current full IPv4 table is larger than 900,000 routes and to get an idea of how well … Continue reading

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