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Small Updates

Hey, just a couple of quick tidbits. First, I built a new shelfey thing for outside. I plan on getting some plastic battery boxes, and putting my big lead acid storage batteries for the solar panel on it. For right … Continue reading

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Mah Laser

Been playing with some neat stuff lately, including a shiny (haha, get it? Shiny?) new laser Putting out about 1W of concentrated light.  More than enough to burn some stuff. Here’s some pics! Also, please don’t try this at home. … Continue reading

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HX1 Transmitter Module Testing

So, as pointed out in my last post, I got some HX1 transmitter modules, and hooked them up, however, it appears that the deviation is kinda funky when it comes to APRS. In this line of thinking, I decided to … Continue reading

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HX1 APRS Transmitter

I recently purchased a couple of HX1 transmitters for the 144.39 packet frequency from RadioMetrix. I’ve already set up a widget to generate the necessary tones for APRS, so it was a quick matter to connect up the transmitter and … Continue reading

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High Altitude Balloons

Hey all, Just been working on assembling one of the High Altitude Balloon telemetry boards, and thought I’d snap a photo or two since I hadn’t shown it here before. Haven’t put on the transmitter, antenna connector, temperature sensors or … Continue reading

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