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Old Pics

Hey there, it’s been a while since I had a post with some pictures, much less ones that are actually interesting, so I spent a few minutes this evening, and gathered a few pictures from the times of old (not … Continue reading

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Stats and F.A.R.T.s

I would like to take this time to introduce you to some new little projects I’ve been working on. One just by myself, and one in collaboration with an old friend of mine. I bring to you Stats and F.A.R.T.s! … Continue reading

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Papercraft Prowess

This is utterly amazing. Please, feel free to drop your jaw in awe. Enjoy the brilliance that is to be had… Papercraft Heart

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Comments CAPTCHA

Hey there again, I’ve updated the CAPTCHA on the Add Comment page to be a little harder to break, as I got a single instance of a bot making a comment. It didn’t make it past the email verification though, … Continue reading

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November 2008 General Election

Well, today’s the day. Either way this turns out, things are going to be interesting. One way, we get the nation’s first female vice president, and the other we get the nation’s first African-American president. We truly do live in … Continue reading

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