Monthly Archives: August 2008

Site Upgrades

You may be noticing some site layout changes recently, as well as a few page malfunctions I’m sure. I’m in the process of just doing a little bit of fall cleaning, and am doing a general overhaul on the whole … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactioffice

This weekend I’ve decided to addict the girl to both Battlestar Galactica and The Office (American Version) at the same time. Surprisingly the Girl has seen neither, so we’re just starting both of them. I’ve seen a good deal of … Continue reading

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S.H.I.T. (Server Hates Internet Talking)

I have a server (NO WAY!!!) that has chosen to continually bewilder me as to it’s problem. Unfortunately, I’m not near it, so, I have to do my fixes in batches, and in the meantime, have my sister restart it … Continue reading

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Purse Snatchin’ Bandito

I am a “Purse Snatchin’ Bandito” or, at least thats what the officer thought I might be… It was a beautiful August afternoon. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was walking to my truck carrying the … Continue reading

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