Monthly Archives: April 2008

Power Inversion

Yes, I’ve figured out a way to turn power upside down. It’s a brand new development in power distribution. Presently we have to use amperage to push power along the wires, but now it’ll just flow downhill like water does! … Continue reading

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CSS Escapades

Once again I bring you tales of my escapades into the world of some new programming language. This time it’s CSS. For those of you who don’t know, but still care, it stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It allows me … Continue reading

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Train Wrecks

Well, I bore witness to an interesting event last night. While happily watching some MythBusters I heard a screech and then a thud. Quickly getting up and looking out the window, I find that on a nearby street, and quite … Continue reading

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Spring things…

Here’s some pretty pictures I took with my phone around UW as things start to do that standard spring thing. You know, flowers blooming and all the standard crap like that. Enjoy the perdyness.

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Someone please HELP!!!!!

Oh your god! Someone please help! Someone call the army! The police! Anyone! It all went down at around 10:27 this morning. I’m happily sitting at my computer, enjoying all of the standard stuff. Checking my email, chatting with people … Continue reading

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