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Time flies…

Well, it’s interesting how every year there comes a single day which upon reaching you are considered to be a whole year older. Well, I suppose that today is my day. At precisely 7:36PM nineteen years ago, I was violently … Continue reading

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Whooo boy….

Well, I suppose theres been a good deal going on in the last few days. Christmas and much more. Well, I suppose I’ll start with Christmas. Well, as my parents are separated, it means that I have two family Christmas … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderlands…

Well, so, as it sits, I need to have a bit of work done on my truck. Again. We are thinking that something may be wrong with the front differential, as it has symptoms of strange binding going on in … Continue reading

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Welcome to radio…

Well, today was my HAM Radio Technician’s Class Exam. I’ve always wanted to get a license for operating HAM radio. I’ve just thought that would be a fun thing to do, and it provides with a lot of cool project … Continue reading

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Back Home for a While

Well, I have returned back home for a little while. It’s good to be back in a place where things don’t move so fast and there is snow all over the place. Especially the snow. More pictures will come of … Continue reading

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