2014 Launch

Launch happened the morning of Saturday, May 31st. We had two launches from Moses Lake, WA. We were successful in recovering both of the payload strings, and received good data throughout the flights.

The first flight carried a number of student payloads, the 900MHz voice telemetry system, a commercial APRS tracker board, my custom IRIS board, and a fast scan television transmitter. It reached approximately 82,000 feet before the balloon popped and it began decent. We were fortunate enough to have the APRS transmitters be able to relay packets after the payload string landed on the ground, so recovery was very easy.

The second flight similarly carried student payloads, a 900MHz voice telemetry system, a fast scan television transmitter, and a commercial APRS tracker board. It reached approximately 101,000 feet before the balloon popped and it began decent. The APRS transmitters were able to get a position out within a few feet of landing on the ground, and in addition to having a recovery team nearby to watch the decent, recovery was also very easy.

Here’s a photo of the view over the Potholes Resevoir from my hotel room the evening before launch.


And another more specifically of the sunset.


And, of course the parking lot where we launched from.


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