F**king With Friends

In a world that gets so caught up in the day to day moan and groan of our standardized lives in which we work, eat, sleep, reproduce, and eventually die, I feel that we far too often forget to spend as much time as we can relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

Sometimes this includes a good few days of pranks right around April 1st. For the obvious reasons. It isn’t about humiliation or making the other person feel bad. It’s about having a little fun, seeing if you can find a way to outsmart those around you in a way that is both fun and humorous for both parties involved. Remember, you want to be able to laugh with someone, not at them.

I have made it my personal vendetta of sorts to make sure I can get a few good ones in for the days right around april fools day to make sure I do my part to continue the tradition as well as bring a little bit of laughter to some people’s already all too boring lives.

It seems that due to some interestingly coincidental circumstances, I have been provided with a co-operative opportunity in a small prank on one of my best friends. Let me tell you, it is handy having a cell phone with a number no one recognizes. Frankly in these days of caller ID it’s hard to pass anything off using any of your own equipment, so you need to get someone you know they don’t know to help you.

I have succeeded in finding an accomplice. So far things have been going well. We have been playing a small game of phone/text message tag which should hopefully come to a conclusion this evening then the mysterious third party caller gets to meet said best friend of mine. I think it should be a fairly interesting experience.

All in all the season has begun, and albeit short, I pack it in there. Look forward to receiving your due soon!

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