The Urge To Clap

Have you ever been watching a movie, and the characters are at a movie, or a play, or some type of situation arises where the characters begin clapping, and you feel this compelling urge to clap along. If not, then I guess I’m weird. I always just feel compelled to pick my hands up and clap along. Then, I have to tell myself that it’s only a movie and I’m not required to clap along.

It’s so strange that a movie can create such thought and compulsions in us. Movies so often make us cry, or laugh, or make us feel scared, or angry. While these devices are built into our movies to provide the actual entertainment value, it is interesting that our advancements have brought us to the point where we aren’t laughing AT the characters on the movie, but rather with them.

We become involved with our movies. We interact with them instead of merely watching them from a third party perspective. Movie makers have become skilled enough that they can pull us into the realm of the movie. To pull us into the room with the characters. To evoke emotions with vast intensity that otherwise we would have no distinct predisposition to feeling at that particular time, particular day, week, month, year, or even ever at all.

Movies can do so much to us, and yet are merely moving images presented upon a viewing medium upon which we interpret the colors as images, and eventually get so absorbed to almost believe it real.

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