Back To School

Well, Tomorrow morning at 10:30 I start my first class of winter quarter. I was originally planning on moving my stuff back into the dorm today, but decided better of it as everyone else is going to be moving back into the dorm today as well. I’ll just do it tomorrow afternoon.

Anyways, Classes should be good. Got Astronomy, Math, Choir, and Programming. It should be a good time.

I am really looking forward to Choir. I regret not doing more of it in high school. One of my buddies finally convinced me to take it, and I frankly wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Though, after actually doing it, I have to say that I really enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope that this Choir class will be just as good.

I am also looking forward to Astronomy. I think that will be a fun class. I’ve always liked space and all it’s stuff, so I don’t see any reason why this class should be an exception.

Programming should be good also. They’re theoretically going to be teaching me Java programming. So, I think I have a good foundation having passed the Oracle Internet Academy – Java 2 certification exam. Though, my guess is that we will be using the new version of Java, which while similar to Java 2, will have some changes. One of my buddies took a Java course with the new version at CWU, and he said that he rather liked what changes they’ve made. So, that will be exciting.

Last is Math. Not particularly excited about it, but I suppose you have to do what you have to do. Maybe as time goes on I’ll get more excited about it, but for now I’ve got it, and it looks like probably a lot more in the future.

Besides classes, it will be very good to be able to get down to the rock wall again, and to see all the various friends I’ve made along the way. Anyways, gonna shower and get some dinner now. Tomorrow begins another quarter.

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