Well, it’s my life. I guess I’m living it.

Well, I suppose that I am back now. I’m not sure that I am happy about being here though. I am so tired. I am almost literally falling asleep while studying at the instructional center today. After we finish, I am so totally going back to the dorm, pushing my crap off the bed, and lying down and sleeping till right around eleven.

I had a great weekend climbing, but as I said, I am wiped. The sun and heat can really suck it out of you! I got a bunch of lead climbs in and I brought my gear back with me so that I can use it at the IMA rock wall. It’s going to be so awesome. That is once I feel less tired.

As for school-work here, they have finally started us on the big “project” thing that we are supposed to present at the end. I think it will all turn out well in the end. My group and I are studying whether a person’s gender has effects on his/her anxiety.

I’ve been missing work. While this program is great, and is lots of fun at some points, it can get very tiring, and old with all it’s restrictions, and having every minute of every day planned for you. It gets frustrating after a while. It’s like being reverted to a kid again. We fought our parents for so long to get our freedoms, then these guys just take them away again. Though, I suppose I understand the reasons.

Anyways, life is well, I am happy, but tired. The only downer is there is a big bad decision to be made soon, I’m really not sure what I want to do about it, but I suppose ill have to choose sometime. I wont get into the details of this whole scenario here, but I’ll leave it at that it is a decision I would rather not have to make.

Have fun all!

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