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Raspberry Pi – Stratum 1 NTP Server

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Raspberry Pi, which is a fancy little linux computer that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s certainly not the biggest, fastest, most capable thing out there, but it’s got a … Continue reading

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Learning to Lathe – Threading

I posted a little while back about picking up a small lathe, and working with it on various things, but something I hadn’t tried yet was threading something. The lathe has interchangeable gears that can connect the chuck with the … Continue reading

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Ludicrous LEDs

A little while back I was visiting a local electronics/hobbyist store called Vetco, which has, in addition to their normally stocked new components, a selection of limited quantity new/used items they manage to get their hands on. On this particular … Continue reading

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First Lathe Project

Recently, I posted about picking up a small lathe, and hinted at a project I had been working on, but didn’t give much info about it, so here it is. I’ve been wanting to make a custom pocket watch for … Continue reading

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