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Hey there everyone, I’m here today to bring you a bit more of a techy blog once again. Today, as the title so proclaims, I’d like to talk to you a bit about bot nets. If you keep up with … Continue reading

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Seattle Snow

Well, it isn’t so cold any more here in Seattle. Probably thanks to the lesser wind chill going on. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a pretty good amount of snow for Seattle’s standards. Theoretically we could even have … Continue reading

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Recently, I decided to go bowling because I occasionally enjoy bowling. I think that has something to do with the semi-destructive nature of the game. You throw a heavy ball down a path, and see how many pins you can … Continue reading

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It’ll be a cold day in…

Damn it’s cold. I can expect this kind of cold weather on the east side of the mountains, but here in Seattle, it’s a little chilly. There’s snow and ice all over the place, and the weird part is… It’s … Continue reading

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Well hello again. Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to talk to all of you fine folks about video games! YAY! So, I went home recently, and while I was there, I grabbed the old, family Nintendo GameCube. … Continue reading

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