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Good Will

Seeing as it’s now Halloween, I figured I would give you the background on my costume, as well as a picture (to be uploaded later). It all started with an idea that one of my friends had, that we could … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Happenings

As you may or may not have heard on the nightly news, a rather Unfortunate Happening [LINK UNAVAILABLE], occurred today on the University of Washington campus. It truly saddens me to see that people in this world believe that their … Continue reading

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Short Men

I have a question, How many REALLY short men are there? I’m not talking about pretty short, or somewhat short, I’m talking that their waist is less than 2 feet off the ground. You wanna know why? Urinals. Sure, I’m … Continue reading

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Late Summer Trip to Lake Roosevelt

Well, this one is a little outdated, but here’s a general recount of my trip to Lake Roosevelt earlier this year in mid-September. I suppose I can break it down into three sections that are more interesting than the rest … Continue reading

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Hey all. Once again I’m here to tell you about some project I’m working on. This time it’s been going for quite a while, but haven’t had it publicly available. Some friends and I have for a while now, been … Continue reading

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