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F**king With Friends

In a world that gets so caught up in the day to day moan and groan of our standardized lives in which we work, eat, sleep, reproduce, and eventually die, I feel that we far too often forget to spend … Continue reading

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Networked Nigels

I’ve grown up in a society that has relatively few people around named Nigel. I’ve kinda gotten used to being the only Nigel I know. This has just come under severe contradiction. Recently, I was using NetStumbler on my laptop … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica

In anticipation for the release of the Season Three DVDs I have begun watching the first of the first season again, and plan on moving thru the second season. Then, come the day when I sit down to watch the … Continue reading

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The Urge To Clap

Have you ever been watching a movie, and the characters are at a movie, or a play, or some type of situation arises where the characters begin clapping, and you feel this compelling urge to clap along. If not, then … Continue reading

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Pretty Days at the W

Here’s some pictures I took with my phone on a very nice sun-shiny day here at the U.

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