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Political Bias – Whoo Boy

There are some people who while are still valid people, seem to have relatively non-defensible opinions. For instance, here is an excerpt I love to laugh at from Ann Coulter. While this is from quite a while ago (2004), it … Continue reading

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MMM…. Trail Mix

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Tell me if you see a RadioShack…

Well, If it wasn’t today, it would have been another. Ive been thinking lately of cool art projects to be completed by soldering bits of metal to other bits of metal. Hopefully in a method that makes things light up. … Continue reading

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One Damn Amazing Mug!

What genious it takes to come up with a well thought out, sly, marketing scheme. This was so well made that you hardly even know it’s an ad! :) One Damn Amazing Mug! [LINK BROKEN]

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Hello Nigel, I’m your life!

Well, so it begins, the saga of blogging. I’m sure that I will get into the habit, and maybe even post something interesting one day or another. As it goes, I think that it will be a good chronolog of … Continue reading

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